ACUVUE OASYS® Brand 1-Day uses EYE-INSPIRED™ Design and HydraLuxe™ Technology.
This exclusive technology provides exceptional comfort for patients in demanding environments. The lens has an enhanced network of tear-like molecules that mimic mucins to help support a stable tear film and also helps with feelings of tired eyes and dryness. HydraLuxe™ Technology is tear infused, which includes 3 key features.


 Uniform tear-like network throughout the entire lens; not just a coating

Working consistently all day; not blink released

Integrating key tear-like components; not just water



Natural tear film

The key functions of a stable tear film are minimizing friction and moisturizing the surface of the eye.






  • LENS TYPE: Daily disposable soft contact lenses.
  • PACKAGE DETAILS: 90 contact lenses in buffered saline with methyl ether cellulose
  • MATERIAL AND % OF CONTENT: senofilcon A



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