At Ho Optometrist, Our Approach is Simple. We Start by Listening to You.


The Passion of Ho Optometrist

Practicing Optometry and Primary Eye Care back at our hometown Ipoh has always been our mind for a long time. Hence by opening Ho Optometrist back at 2011, we are able to finally give back to the community by helping you see better.

For every patient, we believe in asking the right questions, so we can fully understand your needs. Everyone is unique. Everyone’s need is different. Hence we can provide what your eyes really need.

Ho Optometrist – Helping you see better.



We specialize in vision care, spectacles, contact lenses and children eyecare. name cards21

We provide full eye examinations, Retinoscopy, Slit lamp assessments, Contact lenses examinations, Cataract detection, Intra-Ocular Pressure assessments, Retinal imaging and others.

For children eye care, we emphasized on vision, squints, lazy eyes, color vision and others.

We are provide Low Vision Services as well as Orthokeratology treatment at Ho Optometrist.

If there is a need when a non-optometric disorders are detected, we work very closely with several reputable Ophthalmologists in Ipoh who we can refer to.

If you are interested, kindly call for an appointment 05-255 9185 or email us at